F8 Conference, Chatbots and more: mobile and tech buzz

The lines between digital, mobile, technology and apps are blurring in today’s world. We at Robosoft are keen followers of developments in this arena. Here’s a quick summary of what’s buzzing:

F8 Conference: far-reaching impact

Last week we saw Facebook make a host of important announcements at the F8 conference. Some of these are going to have a far-reaching impact across industries and platforms. Bots on the Messenger platform can provide anything from automated subscription content to customised communications. Exciting times ahead – for businesses, developers, content creators and consumers.

App Store search set to change?

Apple is reportedly working on ways to improve search in the App Store. It is most likely looking to adopt paid advertising for businesses who want to be featured at the top of the search. If this is true then individual app developers or small businesses will have to look for new ways to get their app noticed in the crowded app stories.


What’s best for brands, chatbots or native apps?

With the increasing popularity of chatbots and messaging based apps, some brands are adopting the platform looking for ways to maximise their reach. But in doing so, should the brands dismiss a native app altogether? Our VP of Delivery (Consumer Mobility), Srinidhi Rao, thinks there’s still room for the traditional native apps as chatbots driven experience is largely transactional in nature and not immersive. Read more about it here.

GoPro launched a new developer program

GoPro launched its new developers program aimed at creating mobile apps, camera accessories and physical mounts for GoPro products. More than 100 companies including Fisher-Price, BMW, Telefonica and Periscope have already signed up for its developer program. Interestingly, GoPro has also hired Danny Coster, veteran Apple designer, who would soon be joining their design team as VP of Design.

Google releases Voice Access

Recently, Google announced the launch of Voice Access, an app that uses voice recognition to allow users to control their Android devices. The app is still in its beta version but it has garnered enough testers on board to try out its features.

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