Getting to know Mohanakrishnan Rajasekar, Senior Technical Architect

Apr 29, 2021

At Robosoft, our mission is simplifying lives with delightful digital experiences. Our talented team of product strategists, designers, software engineers works towards driving this mission.

In this interview-based series, we chat with our ‘behind the scenes’ experts – to know more about their values and inspirations. We also try and understand what drives them to create digital solutions that touch the lives of millions and drive business results.

Today, let us get to know Mohanakrishnan Rajasekar, Senior Technical Architect at Robosoft.  Mohanakrishnan joined our team last year. He comes with a vast experience of over 19 years. In his earlier stints, he has worked with enterprises including Accenture, HCL, Mindtree, etc. leading product development for various domains like Investment Banking, Credit Risk Management, Materials Management, BPM, Supply Chain Solutions, and Insurance. He also has entrepreneurial experience and was the founder of a company that built a Recruitment Solution web application for specialized skills.

 Q: Can you tell us about yourself – your family, interests, and work philosophy?

I am from Tamil Nadu. As an engineer, I love to learn new technologies and build innovative digital solutions. I am also passionate about farming and my vision is someday being able to provide affordable chemical-free food direct from farm to plate.

Challenging times have taught me the importance of determination and humility and gave me the courage to achieve my goals. I believe taking calculated risks is an important attribute to succeed. My principle in life is being honest and trustworthy both in professional and personal life.

Spending time with family and visiting my farm are my stress busters when I want to take a break and rejuvenate.

Q: What made you choose Robosoft & what is it that inspires you?

As a software engineer, the challenge of working with the latest technologies always excites me. The work that Robosoft is doing across domains and geographies, piqued my interest. I was excited to be a part of a team that is building such amazing digital experiences for global brands. Also, the fact that there are many talented engineers who have been a part of the company for long tenures inspired me to join Robosoft. I am really glad that I made the right choice. As a Senior Technical Architect at Robosoft, I am involved in building digital DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) experiences and e-commerce shopping experiences for clients in the US.

With friendly and helpful peers, and a supportive management team that believes in my technical and decision-making abilities, Robosoft has proven to be a comfortable workplace for me.

Q: How has work from home been for you? What is it like to manage home and work responsibilities? Any advice to peers?

These are difficult times for everyone. Over the past year all of us have been working from home and not going out unless required. It is tough not to be able to meet with your loved ones in person but only virtualy. These challenges have also made us understand the importance of human values and ethics. We are seeing tremendous changes in people around us. It has brought out the humanity and empathy  withinin us. It has made us sit back and think about the things that we value in life. This year also has given me the opportunity to connect with my kids more, spend quality time with them and understand better.

At work front – it was initially challenging to connect with the team remotely. Especially right after joining, since  I had not met them in person even once.  It took a while to establish the connect with the team and its been smooth since then. We were able to work together efficiently and keep-up with the timelines and deliverables.

Work From Home has increased productivity but also has extended working hrs due to more calls and often results in ergonomic issues. Hence it is critical to take enough breaks and also inculcate a habit of exercising.

Q: Your advice to students & freshers exploring opportunities in this field?

Freshers and students must have an engineering mindset. This means they should be ready to learn, experiment, and innovate,  rather than just being ready to do whatever is being told.

The technology trend changes regularly so do the customer expectations, it is important to keep oneself updated with the latest developments for a longer run in the industry. While ensuring you gain expertise in the technology you are working in knowing other trends and technologies will also be important for career growth. You will somewhere have to be “jack of all trades and a master of one”.

Q: In your view, what is the scope of this industry in the years to come?

The emerging trends show that in the coming year emphasis would be more on Digital First experiences, AI engineering, Total Experience or TX, Anywhere Operations Model, and Distributed Cloud.

More opportunities will unfold as the Anywhere Operations model allows for business to be accessed, delivered, and enabled anywhere. As per a Gartner study, by the end of 2023, 40% of organizations will have applied anywhere operations to deliver optimized and blended virtual and physical customer and employee experiences.

Clients will choose organizations that provide Total Experience (TX) solutions over their competitors.

Distributed Cloud is one of the safest areas for enterprises to bet on. Distributed cloud is the future of cloud which enables organisations to have services physically closer to help with low-latency scenarios, reduces data costs and adhere to laws that dictate data must remain in a specific geographical area.

A robust AI engineering strategy will facilitate the performance, scalability, interpretability and reliability of AI models while delivering the full value of AI investments.

Surabhi Ghosh Chatterjee Surabhi Ghosh Chatterjee Surabhi Ghosh Chatterjee is our soft spoken Marketing Communications Manager with an extensive experience in B2B marketing in the tech domain.
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