Getting to know – Gourav Bhandari, Digital Consultant

At Robosoft, our mission is to create digital solutions that simplify lives of millions across the globe. Our talented team of software and product engineers, design thinkers, digital consultants and more, consistently work towards driving this mission.

In this interview-based series, we chat with the ‘behind the scenes’ experts – know their passions and inspirations. We also try and understand what drives them to create digital solutions that touch the lives of millions of users and drive business results.

Today, let us get to know Gourav Bhandari, Digital Consultant at Robosoft. Gourav started his career with Robosoft and has been a part of our team for close to 3 years now.

Gourav Bhandari, Digital Consultant at Robosoft

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you do, your hobbies, and more?

I come from a Rajasthani lineage, but I was born and brought up in a town bordering Maharashtra and Karnataka, and now I am living in Hyderabad. Multicultural experiences and good memories from every place I have stayed have guided and taught me a lot of life lessons so far.

Empathy and putting the needs of others before my own has been my guiding principle in life.

I am always excited to meet new people and learning about their lives and experiences that make them who they are. I find it fascinating to know these stories, there’s so much to learn from everyone. I strive to make people feel comfortable in my presence.

I love traveling and going on solo treks. Before the pandemic, I traveled to a new place every season. I really hope to do that again soon, after the pandemic is over. Traveling allows me to adapt to new situations and use my planning skills to ensure I have the most fun I can. In my free time, I also love to binge-watch, some times I watch my favorite shows or series multiple times.

Q: What inspired you to choose Robosoft Technologies & what is it that inspires you?

After completing my MBA in Marketing, I joined Robosoft as a digital consultant almost 3 years ago. When I was starting my career, I was unsure of a career path, but I found the right mentors and the right direction for my career here.

Interacting with global clients, working on multiple domains & various projects, and solving a new problem daily are the reasons why I love to work here. Robosoft has always given me a lot of scope for future growth – I don’t think any other company would have given a fresher like me the challenging responsibilities as I have here. Every time I faced difficulties in my work, I was mentored and guided by my supervisors and peers. Whatever I have learned so far, has positively impacted my career and will help me grow in the future too. The experience I have had with Robosoft has done wonders for my self-belief and made me a more confident professional.

To be a part of an organization where the learning curve is great, hard work is appreciated, innovation in work styles and freedom to express and explore is encouraged is a perfect fit for my expectations, and like-minded colleagues make it an icing on the cake!

I like to grow every single day. Incremental growth is what drives my happiness, and not long term milestones and achievements. I like to be challenged in any task I pick up, and that is why I chose the path to be a digital consultant at Robosoft.

Q: How has the quarantine phase been? What is it like to manage home and work responsibilities and your advice to peers alike?

For me, the quarantine phase has been about learning new skills like cooking and realizing that I am rather good at it 🙂

For someone who loves to travel, quarantine would have been hard if not for the valuable time spent with family, which has been a blessing in these times. That being said, I have a newfound respect for a productive environment to work in and the importance of balance in self-discipline and socializing.

Over time, not having a team to rely on just a few feet away has made me more independent and proactive. One thing that has been a revelation is the importance of taking short breaks every 2-3 hours. I have realized working for long hours continuously without breaks is counter-productive, it is always better to take out some time to relax even in between a very busy day to maintain your efficiency.

Q: Your advice to students & freshers exploring opportunities in this field?

When I was starting my career, I wasn’t too fixated on what I wanted to do, and that I think helped me at some levels. What also helped was exploring different opportunities and roles, to find a role that gives me inner happiness. My advice would be while starting your professional journey, try to not stick to a concrete role definition, instead to be open to different experiences. Everything seems challenging at first, but “nothing apart from rocket science is rocket science”. A fresher’s real talent is the hunger for knowledge and experience, and one should make efforts to sustain that hunger by learning every day and resist complacency.

Q: In your view, what is the scope of this industry in the years to come?

Digitization is no longer a desire, the market now sees it as a need. The world has been forced to innovate, and companies have tasted what agile offerings can do to their business. Drastic change seems to be the new normal in the coming years. IT is an enabler industry that helps organizations gain a flexible, scalable, and connected relationship with their customers, and as such has an optimistic scope in the perceivable future.

Surabhi Ghosh Chatterjee Surabhi Ghosh Chatterjee is our soft spoken Marketing Communications Manager with an extensive experience in B2B marketing in the tech domain.

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