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‘Startups that may inspire many more’: profile in Economic Times

The Sunday edition of the Economic Times, a leading business daily from India was special for us. The cover story, titled ‘Startup Country’ was about entrepreneurship not being a big city phenomenon.

To quote from the article: ‘across small town India, in places as diverse as Dharamshala, Udupi, Udaipur and Guwahati, the startup culture has taken hold and is producing dozens of entrepreneurs with nifty ideas’.

The article highlights our product successes and our skill sets. ‘As a specialist in building apps and games on the Apple platform, Robosoft has cornered a niche for itself in the crowded mobile phone market’ it adds.

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At Robosoft, we strongly believe that ‘geography is history’ as what matters in today’s world are great ideas and world-class customer service, both of which are not tied to a location.

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