Dance With Madhuri

Setting the stage for dancers around the world.

dance with Madhuri dance with Madhuri dance with Madhuri

Bollywood superstar Madhuri Dixit wanted to give back to the world by teaching everyone to dance free of cost. Robosoft helped her create Dance with Madhuri (DWM), an online platform for dancers to learn, perform, and interact.

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Madhuri required a way for people to view streaming videos of dance courses on their desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Her team designed courses that spread across a variety of genres, from classical Indian to hip-hop. DWM was also to be a destination for dancers to network and enhance their career. In short, we were to serve both the casual and professional dance community.

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The project began by analyzing each intended purpose and making it a palpable feature. The DWM and Robosoft team brainstormed together on the core thought, “what do we want to do?” This gradually progressed to “how can we possibly do it?”, and finally “how will we do it?”

Prior to this discussion, Madhuri's team had already completed their user research. This data was valuable for us to define and optimize the features.

Next, we created the information architecture. Here we divided the DWM landscape into two parts, one for users to learn courses and other for them to network. The initial drafts of the architecture revealed the scale of DWM. It was a giant. We kept tweaking the architecture to make it concise and easy to navigate. The final architecture served as the foundation of DWM.

madhuri in dance with her

One of the preliminary DWM sitemaps.
We use the hub and spoke model to visualize large projects.

UX and Design

The target devices for DWM were desktop (responsive), tablet, and smartphone. While iOS and Android were the selected platforms. We established that DWM would be accessed evenly from global metropolitan cities (iOS dominant) as well as small Indian towns (Android dominant) – owing to Madhuri’s universal fan following.

The primary UX goal was to ensure that the user could jump between devices without facing a lengthy learning curve. On analyzing user behavior, we identified that users would use the mobile and tablet more for exploring courses and socializing. Whereas they would find the desktop (alongside mirroring) most convenient for practicing the actual lessons.

Once all the features were frozen, we condensed DWM into three simple sections:
Learn, Move, and Unite.

The Learn section was a passage into all the dance courses offered. Move focused on dance content for users to get fit. And Unite brought together features like contests, events, and job openings. Between all this, users were exposed to profiles and activities of other DWM users, along with the choice to follow and interact with them.

Next, we needed to address the time taken to navigate between all these sections as well as the social networking aspect of DWM. The navigation so far worked for scenarios where users were actively exploring content. But it was not efficient to stay updated on specific content (like a dance contest that the user is participating in). As for networking, the users needed a convenient place to stay updated on key activities of other followed users.

To tackle this, each user was given a personal dashboard. Here they could see updates from other followed users and stay updated on chosen content (like an enrolled course, contest etc). They could also manage their performance videos and showcase their talent and achievements. This dashboard also served as a professional portfolio for the user to share with the world. For mature users, this dashboard became the primary means to interact with the DWM universe.


To further immerse the users, Robosoft created novel gamification concept that embodied the spiritual journey of a dancer.

All users started at a seed level (Beej) in DWM. And as they engaged in the system – through activities like viewing performances, completing courses, and winning contests – they gathered XP and aimed to ultimately become the lord of dance (Natraj).


Dance with Madhuri was a result of a resonant partnership, talented team, and a genuine passion for dance. We are proud to have worked with Madhuri’s team to create a way for dancers around the world to learn, perform, and unite.