Dave & Buster’s

When strategy, design & engineering came together

Dave & Buster’s the popular restaurant chain in the US, wanted to bring alive their arcade game experience on to mobile devices. Robosoft partnered with them to bring together strategy, design and engineering to create two addictive mobile games:

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Tippin' Bloks

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Big Bass Wheel

The brief

Dave & Buster’s the popular restaurant chain the US, is the ultimate destination for fun, food, friends and games. It has arcade games as one of the pillars of its brand experience. The brief was to truly adapt the games played at the restaurants to the mobile platform and not just replicate them. We looked at various videos of the games played at the Dave & Busters outlets by various users to get an understanding of the actual games and then completely re-designed the experience for the mobile platform.

The solution

The team focused on retaining the core of the essence of the Dave and Buster’s experience where users play games for fun and to earn tickets, which in turn can help users, redeem the tickets for prizes. The client wanted to deliver the message to their consumer of taking the Dave and Buster’s experience beyond the brick and mortar establishment, which through a fine balance of design, art and development, the Robosoft team was able to deliver successfully.

The games

Robosoft designed and developed Tippin’ Bloks and Big Bass Wheel for the iOS and Android platforms.

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Tippin' Bloks

Get ready for the ultimate challenge to stack endless waves of Bloks falling from the sky. Move the Base from side to side and try to catch and stack 'em straight. Be careful or the Blok tower will become wobbly. If the Base moves too fast, it will all come crashing down.

Check out the app video here:

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Big Bass Wheel

Step up, spin the big wheel and reel in the Fun! When the wheel stops, you are rewarded with a variety of points. For an even bigger catch, a Big Bass Bonus has been added where, with a combination of skill and luck, you can win upto 1,000 points for a perfect spin

Check out the app video here:

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The games have two game modes - classic and arcade. The classic mode is a digital extension of the actual, physical machine, which players can play at the Dave & Buster’s outlets while the arcade mode is a game mode with cool power ups, which make the gameplay engaging. In the arcade mode, different themes provide a variety of visual appeal. Add to that the gradually progressive learning curve and you have an addictive, immersive game experience.

The Dave & Buster’s games are a first - these mobile games give players the ability to play in the digital world, and win prizes in the “real-world”. At Robosoft, it was a coming together of what we do best - bring together strategy, design & engineering for world-class mobile solutions.

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Tippin' Bloks

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Big Bass Wheel