Game Your Video

robosoft Game Your Video

Game Your Video is an award-winning app which makes recording, editing and sharing videos fun!

The challenge

Have you ever wondered how it is so easy to take a picture nowadays, thanks to our smartphones? It is so common to see people whip out their smartphones, take pictures, add effects and share on social media or with friends…all in a jiffy. No wonder that on popular photo sharing sites like Flickr, the most popular cameras are smartphones. But why is shooting a video, editing it, adding cool effects and music such a cumbersome affair on smartphones? Game Your Video set out to change all that…it makes creating professional quality movies as easy as a tap.

robosoft Game Your Video editing effects
robosoft Game Your Video professional

The solution

How did we do that? We removed elements which most users expect when editing a video - separate audio tracks and video tracks, for example. No more complicated editing controls. All one had to do was shoot, pick the desired effect and a professional looking movie was done.

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