Robosoft drone

Drone technology
is the next big thing.

It is constantly evolving as new innovation and advancements are introduced in the market every few months.

The technology is being explored for commercial, industrial and military applications, across various sectors like e-commerce, food and beverage, media, agriculture, etc.


We set out to define and exemplify the experience of flying a drone with AR glasses.

For this it was essential to capture the key feelings while flying a drone and also capture what really inspires people from varied professions to embrace a technology of this nature.

A bird’s eye perspective
Experiencing the feeling through
the eyes of the flyers
Robosoft drone

I love to shoot nature – the way it changes, lives, breaths. Suddenly, things that were hidden from us became visible.

Russian photographer

Robosoft drone

As an architect I usually deal with two-dimensional drawings showing buildings from above; from this unique perspective I set out to combine an architect perspective with aerial photography to see the whole world as a plan.

Dubai based Architect

Robosoft drone

My work is inspired by my desire to see things in new ways. My work is dominated by minimalism and abstraction, producing a unique, painterly aerial photographic style.

New York based artist

Robosoft drone Robosoft drone
Our approach
How can we create a unique augmented reality experience for these users?
Defining drone personas and manifesting different types of flying behaviours.
Robosoft drone



  • Excited and curious
  • Amazed with the technology

Flying behaviour

  • Cautious
  • Clumsy
Robosoft drone



  • Thrilled to explore
  • Safety is a concern
  • Appreciates customisation

Flying behaviour

  • Rough
  • Ambitious
Robosoft drone



  • Complete understanding of the product
  • Nostalgic
  • Safety is a priority

Flying behaviour

  • Controlled
  • Stabilised
Robosoft drone

We conceptualised a customised flying experience for piloting a drone with glasses, keeping in mind the identified personas and their varied flying behaviour

Adding a layer of innovation and technology, we set out to create a unique augmented reality flight experience for these users.

Simple mode viewing
Mode switching based on user functionality
Robosoft drone
Sneak peek
Replay recorded shots prior to getting the drone down
Robosoft drone
All day flying
Preview shots in different light modes, based on the time of the day
Robosoft drone
Artist in me
Define virtual flight paths based on colour/pattern/scene discovery
Robosoft drone
Smart notifications
Smart notifications for safe drone flying
Robosoft drone

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