Digital transformation lies at the core of growth and scalability for start-ups

If given a choice, more than half of the population would rather live without their favourite food than their mobile. Mobile phones are now an essential part of the day to day life of any person. It has forever changed how consumers and society function. This disruption is happening at a breakneck speed due to continuous innovation in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G technologies and so on. This fast change in scenario has compelled enterprises in all industries to transform and adapt to fit their products and services into the palm of the consumer’s hand.

While the larger enterprises aspire to adapt at a quicker rate, it's the start-ups who are leading this wave. Start-ups are generally nimble on their feet and most of them base their offerings by creating digital-first, mobile-first experiences.

Mobility driven digital transformations across industries are showing us a smart future where we get everything done from the palm of our hands. Start-ups with the right tools and support have the ability to leapfrog into the future, and create digital-first, mobile-first experiences.

In this eBook, we will talk about the role of start-ups in mobility driven digital transformation across industries, emergence of new models of work and economy, the need to rethink marketing for mobile-first digital savvy customers, and streamlining and transforming core operations through technology. We will also talk about various challenges start-ups face to succeed in a time-bound world of opportunities and how they can convert these challenges to opportunities by choosing the right digital partner to digitally transform themselves according to current norms.

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