Beyond transactional experiences in OTT: User Experience Study

In association with OTT Executive Summit & Magazine, and Trender Research, we conducted the OTT/ Streaming Experience Study in the US. We reached out to the industry insiders to respond to the study to better understand how video streaming services can move beyond transactional experiences to deliver a more engaging emotional experience that drives improved acquisition, discovery, engagement, retention, and monetization.

Watch this webinar as our experts do a results read-out of the OTT/Streaming User Experience Study & discuss the current challenges, best practices, and recommendations for building an emotional experience with viewers.

Watch the video and know more about:

Understand current challenges and best practices for providing optimal OTT/streaming experiences

How to move from transactional “user experiences” to more engaging “emotional experiences”

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Gain insights into crafting a better OTT experience and an emotional connect with viewers.

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