Metaverse or MetaAverse? A design thinking approach to future digital ecosystems

Digital ecosystems of the future are a reality to be considered, not just as a conceptual future gazing. The Design Thinking community needs to consider and prepare for a metaverse world, as it is well beyond just a buzz phrase now.

Pooja Bal, our Director of Digital Consulting made an engrossing presentation at the Design Thinking Conference in Chicago, held in the first week of April 2022. In this presentation, Pooja outlines the possibilities of digital innovation in future digital ecosystems. What are the opportunities and risks? How can we extend the design thinking principles for the future? The talk will touch upon our collective readiness to drive human-centric design in a new world where metaverse is likely to be a reality.

It is a must-watch for all stakeholders in the design thinking and product development community. This 30-minute video is a recording of Pooja’s talk and the presentation deck. Fill in the form to access the recording:

Watch the Video

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