Customer Journey Best Practices for 2020

To craft products that are integral in simplifying the customer’s digital experiences, brands must gain a comprehensive understanding of their requirements as well as their pain points. This is where a customer journey map fits-in perfectly.

In its most fundamental form, a customer journey mapping begins with compiling a series of user goals and actions into a specific timeline framework. It's a tool that examines the story of how a customer perceives and relates to the brand or product over time and helps in visualizing the experience of interacting with the brand from the customer’s point of view.

As per research from Aberdeen Group, companies with a formal customer journey experience year over year growth that includes:

  • 18X faster average sales cycles
  • 56% more cross-sell and up-sell revenue
  • 10X improvement in customer service costs
  • 5X greater revenue from customer referrals
  • 54% greater return of marketing investment (ROMI)

In this eBook, we have outlined a few actionable customer journey best practices that brands can integrate as part of their product roadmaps & design process, to devise & structure touchpoints that facilitate a seamless customer experience.

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