Fundamentals of Blockchain and its role across industries

Blockchain is one of the most sought after technologies today. A survey conducted by the Global Blockchain Business Council suggests, beyond the Financial industry, the healthcare and digital identity industries will benefit the most from Blockchain.

Many industries are already seeing various applications of Blockchain. For instance, in the digital health sector Blockchain can help in creating an efficient Clinical Trial Process, drug traceability, secured patient data management, etc. In Retail, the technology is being used to create secure loyalty programs for consumers. The automotive industry is exploring Blockchain Technology for mileage clocking system, securing the vehicle from hackers, etc.

Research suggests that most senior business executives do not understand what Blockchain is, which is one of the major stumbling blocks when it comes to investing in the technology.

In this easy explainer deck, we have simplified Blockchain and have outlined its various applications across various industries like healthcare, retail, logistics, gaming, etc.

We hope this deck will enable professionals across industries to understand what Blockchain technology is and how it can be applied in their respective industries.

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