Augmented Reality - how businesses can make the most out of this opportunity

The combined market of AR and VR is expected to reach $108 billion by 2020 and AR will contribute almost 75 percent to this value. In fact, by 2022 the AR market is projected to reach $117 billion.

One of the primary reasons for these bullish projections is the ease with which businesses can implement this technology. While Virtual Reality (VR) requires a hardware device to create a virtual world for the user, Augmented Reality (AR) can augment the users’ real world view by overlaying virtual elements in real-world scenario through a smartphone.

The technology landscape is shifting faster than ever. Augmented Reality is going to be an important capability for enterprises to keep up with the competitive space

In this ebook, we explore how enterprises across industries can prepare for the Augmented Reality opportunity and build an implementation roadmap for their business.

Highlights include:
  • Why businesses must consider including Augmented Reality in their digital strategies.
  • The progression of Augmented Reality from a hype, to a technology that drives business.
  • How businesses can prepare for the Augmented Reality opportunity.
  • How businesses can build an Augmented Reality implementation roadmap.

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