How technology is raising the bar of customer experiences in luxury retail

In this era of information overload, gaining consumer engagement through digital experiences remains a challenge for most enterprises. Luxury retail is one segment which has traditionally thrived on crafting exquisite off-line experiences and has managed to make a smooth transition to the digital world.

When it comes to luxury products, the emotional brain plays a critical role in the purchase decision. So, immersive digital experiences, visual appeal and an aura of mystique help in appealing to this irrational side of consumers.

Until a few years ago, for luxury brands, conventional wisdom used to be creating the best-in-class customer experiences in-store. With changing times, the way shoppers buy luxury products has also altered – today digital experiences play a critical role.

In this e-book we have explored:

  • Multiple aspects of how the luxury retail sector is leveraging technology to create engaging customer experiences.
  • Key strategies with examples from technology-savvy luxury brands.
  • We hope organizations across categories will find this e-book useful in learning and implementing some of the ways luxury brands engage with their customers.

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