Mobile Fintech vs Traditional Banking products: 15 awesome things winners do well

Both traditional banks and new fintech companies recognize that the ease of use of a digital product is paramount to client satisfaction. And we all know – client satisfaction is key to overall customer engagement, sales, long-term banking-client relationships and growth.

But do banking executives understand just how important an exceptional user experience is for consumers?

The short answer is no.

Banks are misinterpreting and miscalculating the role that user experience plays in the overall satisfaction customers have with a banking product.

According to a study, only 40% of banking executives believe good service/experience is critical to fintech’s rise in popularity. Where as 80% of consumers rate it as the number 1 factor for fintech adoption.

In this ebook, we will show a series of 15 different user experience features which have reached mass adoption among consumers. In doing so, we want to help banking executives visualize the difference between what their digital experiences offer and what consumers expect. And, hopefully, help them bridge the gap.

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