Top 10 mobile & technology trends that are revolutionising the retail industry

In a post PC era, industries across the globe have redefined ways of connecting with their customers. The retail industry landscape is also shifting owing to the increased penetration of internet & smartphones and emergence of innovative technologies like AR/VR, AI, IoT, etc.

The retail industry is at a sweet spot right now, with physical stores using emerging technologies to innovate and offer exciting shopping experiences to customers and online retail platforms making shopping convenient and simpler for them.

Further, technology advancements and ever-changing consumer behaviour together are opening up newer playgrounds for retailers faster than emerging fashion fads. Needless to say, smartphones and internet penetration are triggering this revolution.

Retailers are working towards using cutting-edge technologies to create delightful, customised and omnichannel shopping experiences for buyers. For business leaders staying on top of the latest developments and overall mobile and technology trends is critical.

In this ebook, we will take a closer look at the top 10 interesting mobile and technology trends which are revolutionising the retail landscape across the globe.

Highlights Include:
  • A peek into ten emerging technologies reshaping the brick and mortar and online retail experiences.
  • Examples of how forward-thinking retailers are using these technologies.
  • A look at the implications of the changing face of retail for retail players.
We hope retail professionals will find this ebook useful in understanding the changing retail landscape and also planning the way ahead for the coming year.

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