3 steps to defining a Digital Roadmap: what every enterprise needs to know

It is said that we live in a digital world and business strategies need to devise strategies to make the most of it. From SME’s to large established organizations ‘going digital’ has become a necessity. IDC predicts a spend of $1.7 Trillion on digital transformation globally by 2019. However, they estimate across all geographies and industries, 59% of companies remain at either stage two or three of DX maturity, or what they call, a 'digital impasse'. In this context, a Digital Roadmap becomes extremely critical for enterprises.

A Digital Roadmap is a strategy document to visualise the future and a blueprint to get there.

In this e-book, we have outlined the basics of a Digital Roadmap and how it can bring various stakeholders together in an organization. A strategically developed Digital Roadmap has the potential to transform the customer experience of a company both for internal & external stakeholders.

Download the e-book to know:

  • 3 steps to defining a Digital Roadmap
  • The framework and output of each phase
  • Work streams, activities and deliverables

The e-book is meant to be a basic primer on Digital Roadmaps. We would be happy to engage with enterprises to walk through the various elements and see how a bespoke roadmap can be developed for them.

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