Five tips to create successful Wearable solutions for financial services

The financial sector is going through a seismic transformation, and this change is gaining momentum at an astounding speed, thanks to the growth of the Fintech industry. In the past 11 years, the number of Fintech enterprises worldwide has increased from 1000 in 2005 to 8000 in 2016, and during the same period, global funding in Fintech reached a staggering $78.6 Billion from a mere $5.5 Billion.

Wearables are making the Fintech space even more exciting by offering a plethora of opportunities to innovate and create customised solutions for consumers.

Wearable technology is not a standalone phenomenon and is a part of the larger wave of the ‘Internet of Things’. Globally the Wearable devices market is projected to reach $20.6 Billion by 2018, with an annual growth rate of 36%. Fintech wearables include items such as NFC rings, smartwatches, stickers that interact directly with payment gateways or a mobile phone, etc.

In this ebook, we will talk about why Fintech is the future of financial services, how Wearables is augmenting the Fintech space and finally, we will outlay five lessons from financial enterprises which built successful Wearable solutions.

Highlights Include:
  • An overview on how Fintech is reshaping the financial services sector.
  • Wearable technology use cases in Banking, Insurance and Trading & Investments.
  • Five tips from enterprises with successful Wearable solutions, on creating Wearable apps.
We hope this ebook will be useful for professionals of financial services domain in setting up an actionable plan for building Wearable solutions for their firms.

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