Gamification, the science and art of using elements of games in business contexts can be very successful in boosting customer engagement, brand awareness and bottom lines. Here are a few handy tips for implementing gamification effectively.

There are millions of apps vying for customer attention. Building and growing an audience for mobile apps remains a tough challenge for marketers. Nikunj Sanghvi, AVP - Consumer Mobility at Robosoft, and Prabhjot Singh, Co - founder & President of Pyze share some useful tips on building and scaling your app audience.

Digital healthcare services can support a future where effective medical facility is available to everyone at reasonable cost. Mobile applications, health information systems and more are bridging the gap between doctors and patients. Find out how we can help you stay ahead with quality healthcare services.

Today’s mobile user has welcomed the Virtual Reality experience and marketers are excited about this opportunity. Before taking the plunge into the VR boom, marketers must consider few factors to make the most out of their investment.

Communitainment apps are a growing rage with the millennials. Developing at least half a dozen of these
video-on-demand apps like Voot, Colors TV, dittoTV and more for well-known media houses has taught us a great deal. Check out our e-book to learn more about developing engaging entertainment apps.
Going mobile can go a long way for non-profits in driving awareness, encouraging donations and getting believers for a cause. When doing it right with limited budgets is important some factors should be kept in mind.
Mobile and digital are an integral part of most businesses today. In our experience of building over 1400 mobile apps for clients in USA, India, South East Asia and more we have learned few facts that could make or break such an offshore mobile app development partnership. Download our free e-book to know more.
Amongst the millions of apps available, success of an app goes beyond downloads. Repeat usage, engagement and increase in brand affinity are the factors that finally matter. Building a successful mobile engagement needs the 3T’s factor.