Pioneering for tomorrow’s economy, today.

Emerging technologies are here and gaining traction—fast. Virtual Reality, Wearables, Fintech, IoT, etc.; these are not new concepts, they are at the forefront of innovation across all industries. In fact, the question for many companies is not if they will adopt these new technologies, but when and how will they embrace it.

At Robosoft, we help companies position themselves for success in the new economy. From Wearable Technology to Fintech and more, we not only develop the products that help our clients compete in the economy of the future, we counsel you on which technologies will best move your business forward.

What you get with Robosoft

  • Chatbots powered by AI

Chatbots, powered by Machine Learning can be used by businesses in many ways - from lead generation to customer support. We can create custom chatbot solutions across devices based on your business needs.

  • Augmented Reality

With the launch of ARKit on iOS, it has become easier to create rich, immersive experiences for brands on mobile devices. Robosoft can help create unique gaming solutions and custom utilities using Augmented Reality techniques.

  • Wearables

Robosoft has built a proprietary banking application for the Apple Watch which help customers track important financial information on the go. We also have vast experience in building smartwatch solutions for diverse categories including news and productivity.