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Mobility: the new imperative

The rise of smartphones and tablets has brought digital content (text, video, image and audio) in real time, to millions of consumers worldwide. Even in enterprises, the deployment of mobile devices is on the rise. Couple that with three other trends: growth in usage of mobile apps, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon in enterprises and consumerisation of enterprise mobile apps. ‘There’s an app for that’ ranges from simple weather apps to customised news apps to complex CRM and enterprise apps. Mobile apps play a critical role in complex use cases too: automating workflows, at factory shop floors and healthcare industries. But the days of simply launching a mobile app are over. In fact, the job starts, as it were after launching a mobile app. Enterprises need to build knowledge iteratively over time as customers use an application. Even if it is a mobile game app, understanding game play and its various nuances second-by-second is de rigueur in the industry.

The data explosion

The ubiquitous nature of social media, the ever-growing popularity of mobile apps and the services they seek to replace or enhance, has resulted in big data explosion. According to reports, this is what happens every minute across major networks & services.

robosoft in Facebook

Facebook users share
nearly 2.5 million pieces
of content

robosoft in Twitter

Twitter users tweet
nearly 300,000 times

robosoft in Instagram

Instagram users
post nearly 220,000
new photos

robosoft in YouTube

YouTube users
upload 72 hours of
new video content

robosoft in Apple

Apple users
download nearly
50,000 apps

robosoft in Email

Email users send
over 200 million

robosoft in Amazon

Amazon generates
over $80,000
in online sales

The challenge? The sheer volume, velocity and variety of such data.

The amount of data, the speed with which it is generated and it varied sources (video, gestures, chat etc.) can be overwhelming. But this impacts the future of business and needs to be mastered. Our data engineers are geared to analyse such data and convert them into actionable insights.

robosoft in cloud computation

Cloud is for everyone

Adopting to cloud services is a phenomenon driven by the benefits of cost effectiveness and anytime-anywhere data access. It is not restricted to big business but end consumers too. Personal photo libraries, music and other content is increasingly stored in the cloud, thanks to many mobile-driven cloud-based services. Custom news or entertainment content based on individual preferences & tastes (analysed over studying usage patterns over time) is a common phenomenon. Content owners can analyse almost every detail of app usage, as it is all enabled by the cloud. In the context of mobility, this is rich data waiting to be analysed. Which is were we bring in our expertise.

Security: no compromises

Mobile devices have made a mark in enterprises - be it in boardrooms, showrooms, front office or back office. Mobile devices are used to conduct virtually every aspect of business, with the practice of BYOD posing additional challenges. Enterprises may need varying levels of data encryption, authentication and audit requirements and there can be no compromise on data security. Data, after all, is a company’s precious asset. The challenge, however, is in marrying security with mobility, data in the cloud and the inherent social sharing nature of mobile solutions - they are in different ends of a spectrum. In this scenario, it takes a special kind of expertise to build mobility solutions with security at the core.

robosoft in mobile social network

Social: every aspect of digital life

Brand building - be it a large established corporation, a startup or a small local business, is incomplete today without social media. Consumers love spending time on social media - aided by the rise of smartphones & tablets. Businesses need to engage with customers in social media, creating content which is relevant for their audience. Almost all platforms - be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, geo-location seeking apps, bookmarking sites, all have an element of social built in them. For brand & business owners, keeping track of such social activity of consumers is critical, especially in the context of  mobility.

At Robosoft we build products, which encompass mobile, analytics, cloud and social.
Our team of data engineers and strategists provide cutting-edge, actionable insights
on consumer behaviour, app usage patterns and more. The end result?
Better decision making for our clients and their businesses.