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Consumer Mobility

robosoft Consumer Mobility

Robosoft can plan, create and execute complex consumer-facing mobile applications, be it for digital & advertising agencies or brands. We work with big corporations, startups, e-commerce giants, news organizations, media & entertainment companies and more. Our involvement runs deep from the strategy stage, to execution and delivery. What kind of an app does your brand need? What are the tech and design trends, which will impact the decision? What features need to be added to the app over time? Our experienced delivery and design team answers these and other strategy & design questions. We have partnered with leading companies like ESPN, Conde Nast, HP and more.

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Enterprise Mobility

robosoft Enterprice Mobility

At Robosoft, we understand the needs of the Enterprise - safety, security, scalability and seamless cross-platform experiences. And that's our forte. We have worked with leading lights in the enterprise segment - in banking, finance and insurance, delivering to their exacting standards. Advanced engineering is second nature to us as our DNA is built on it. Our specialist Enterprise Mobility team has years of experience in the segment having worked with industry giants. Our work for ICICI’s IPRU (a one-stop guide for financial advisors) and IIFL’s Wealth Management has received industry accolades and love from consumers.

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Games & Entertainment

Looking to create a bespoke game for your brand? Or a game which brings alive the magic of your movie in a mobile game? Are you a game designer looking for flawless execution? We can do it all. Our specialist team of gaming industry veterans, strategists, game designers, plain geeks, gaming addicts and developers has the design & development expertise to wow your audience. We have been building games on the desktop platform for several years now and ported that experience (no pun intended) to mobile. LEGO Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars 2 (on the Mac platform) Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox, Ranch Rush (on the iOS) are a just a few of our projects.

consumer mobilty