Indian consumer is increasingly consuming content on digital platforms, leading to a steady expansion of smartphone penetration.

Launching a customised OTT service can be time consuming and expensive. Until now.

QuickOTT is a full-featured, one-stop solution that provides delightful apps (across web, mobile & TV).

It is a robust and flexible content management system, with monetisation models, analytics and more.

QuickOTT at a glance

Managed video OTT proposition
  • Fully managed technical solution for launching an end-to-end video service, which reduces operational efforts
  • Quick deployment helps in speed to market
  • A video OTT offering carrying your brand identity
Monetization & analytics
  • Provides businesses new opportunities to monetise content
  • Facilitates 3rd party payment integration as per need
  • Generate revenue streams with video ad monetisation support
  • Track product performance and user behavior
  • Gives valuable insights with the in-built analytics and reports
Cloud based infrastructure
  • An end-to-end cloud based video OTT solution
  • Scalable for better service assurance
  • Built-in transcoding & CDN services
Content security
  • Protect your digital content with industry standard Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions
  • Videos stored under secure encryption protocol
Powerful CMS
  • Robust CMS that helps to prepare, manage, deliver & measure your premium digital content
  • Manage localised apps and content meta data across devices & platforms
  • Role management

Easy to setup, delight to use

Robosoft QuickOTT


QuickOTT allows you to easily customise the visual design as per your brand guidelines

Robosoft QuickOTT


An endless wait for crafting a customised app are a thing of the past. This reduces time to market.

Robosoft QuickOTT


QuickOTT is a platform for discovery, influence, and personalization. It makes it easy for viewers to filter content by interest and discover fresh and trending content.

Robosoft QuickOTT


Robust engineering is the backbone of any intelligent OTT solution. QuickOTT is a scalable solution designed to meet exacting demands.

Key features


Making discovery of new content personalised and pleasurable

  • Onboarding journey with an interest profile creation
  • Personalised recommendations based on user’s viewing behaviour
  • Content categarisation(Tv shows, movies, music videos, etc)
  • Curated content for different user profiles
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT


Making finding and viewing content simple and convenient.

  • Powerful search engine - to filter and sort relevant content
  • Video playing - offline viewing, watch later, continue watching, multi-screen viewing, casting video, quality and data controller, rating content, persistent playback
  • Social media integration
Robosoft QuickOTT


Creating a smart analytics engine to enhance the viewing experience and monetise the platform.

  • Insightful analytics - profile users, record viewing behaviour and recommend relevant content
  • Smart notifications and user engagement system based on time, nature and action points
  • Flexible monetisation models (SVOD, TVOD or AVOD)
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT
Robosoft QuickOTT Robosoft QuickOTT Robosoft QuickOTT Robosoft QuickOTT