Robosoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd owns the following Tradenames and Trademarks.

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Robosoft Technologies®
The trademarks listed above are hereinafter collectively referred to as Robosoft trademarks.

By using a Robosoft trademark, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that Robosoft is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not harm, misuse or bring into disrepute any Robosoft trademark. The goodwill derived from using any Robosoft trademark exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Robosoft.

The following guidelines are for Robosoft licensees, customers, and other parties wishing to use Robosoft's trademarks in promotional, advertising, or reference materials, or on their websites or products.

Robosoft's trademarks, service marks, trade names and trade dress are valuable proprietary assets. Please follow the Guidelines to help us protect our valuable trademarks rights and strengthen our brand identities. Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise.
  • Please use the appropriate TM or ® symbol in respect of each Robosoft trademark on first use in any publication in India. For publications that will be distributed outside India, do not include trademark symbols but use the appropriate trademark attribute notice.
  • Please do not use any Robosoft trademark in collection with websites, products, manuals, promotional/advertising materials, or for any other purpose except pursuant to an express written permission from Robosoft.
  • Always spell and capitalize Robosoft trademarks exactly as they are shown in the list above. Do not shorten or abbreviate the Robosoft trademarks. Do not make up names that contain Robosoft trademarks.
  • Please do not imitate the distinctive Robosoft website design, logos or typefaces.
  • Please do not use or imitate Robosoft slogan or tagline.