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Ark Restaurants Corp. owns and operates restaurants, bars, fast food concepts and catering operations in the US, across several locations. Our task was to re-develop Ark Restaurant’s corporate site and the individual websites in the same style for the 22 affiliated restaurants. However, it did not entail creating 22 different web properties - the restaurants vary greatly in type - ranging from upscale dining rooms in NYC to food court venues in Las Vegas. So the objective was to create one modular core template that is flexible enough to accommodate the layout, content, and aesthetics appropriate for each establishment. Additionally, we had to create a Content Management System which would enable the Administration team to easily make basic content updates to select sections and modify a few optional modules within the template.
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After a thorough understanding of customer requirements, we decided to implement the waterfall approach in development. This was augmented with weekly sprints to complete the feature sets.
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After assessing all the requirements and the technical challenges, we suggested Drupal in the backend for Content Management System and AngularJS in the front end. The main goal was to have single layout that can be used for all the restaurant sites by dynamically managing the data and themes from CMS. The theme for each website including font, color and images can be configured in CMS. A dynamic CSS was generated for each site and get applied for the respective websites upon publishing.

Data fetching without usage of any APIs was another challenge we faced. To overcome it we had chosen Redis as a content storage point. The data and styles configured in the CMS for the website got saved in Redis. The website would then read the data from Redis via Node server as a middleware. We also provided flexibility to add any CSS dynamically from backend with minimal knowledge of CSS by the administrator.

The brief technology overview of this project

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Front end Website

Angular JS, CSS 3, HTML 5
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Node JS 7
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Content Storage
& caching

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CMS Development:

Drupal 7, PHP 7


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Easy Customization

Content best suited for the restaurant can be easily customized. So while some sections will appear for all of the restaurants, others can be easily added or removed.
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Easy integration

For table reservations, individual restaurants can easily with 3rd party platforms like Open Table or Resy.
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More than reservations

Private event bookings, catering service requests, application for Membership Cards and sending Gift Certificates are all simple, easy and delightful.
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Menu on the go

Users have the option of downloading the menu in PDF format for quick reference.

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