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As a system, Epocrates App is huge, complex and has numerous integration points. Robosoft needed to understand each module and improvise the app to drive adoption, engagement, number of sessions and incremental revenue of the app.


Athenahealth, a leading provider of network-enabled services for healthcare wanted to improve the user engagement and the revenue generated from their Epocrates app – an app that is trusted by over 1 million healthcare providers in moments of care.
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We worked on improving the user experience by offering a curated and personalized news experience, targeted push notifications and ads. To drive incremental revenue for Epocrates, we designed in-app user surveys. To collect and measure analytics data to improve the Epocrates application, we assisted the client in choosing the right analytics partner for the app.

Key Features

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Personalized news Experience

A personalized and engaging news feed experience with easy to navigate UI and feedback mechanism.
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robosoft technologies

Targeted push notifications

Relevant, targeted push notifications to help users’ access key content & a compelling value proposition which can encourage them to engage more with the app.
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robosoft technologies

Non-intrusive and personalized ads experience

Ads placement with relevant information and updates for the users.
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robosoft technologies

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Client testimonial

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Al Bhattacharya

Head of Product, Epocrates

Their follow-through helped because we approached the engagement with only goals and one-liner ideas. Robosoft Technologies dedicated a considerable amount of time to guide us throughout the project, providing a different approach from other vendors that we greatly appreciated
robosoft technologies

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