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The British Standards Institution


Standards, Training, Testing


Founded in 1901, British Standards Institution (BSI) is a UK based national standards body with presence in over 90 locations across the globe. BSI produces technical standards for a wide gamut of products & services, and supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses to help them perform better.

The client collaborated with us to develop a digital platform for the BSI Entropy software, a management solution to help organizations proactively manage risk, sustainability, and performance. The aim was to reduce cost and effort going into these activities, while also improving the overall visibility within organizations.

Through this platform, our client wanted to offer their customers a simplified solution to help them connect to the Entropy GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) software in real time. The platform also needed to provide an easy-to-use delightful UX/UI experience.

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After performing an in-depth requirement analysis, our team applied principles of Design Thinking to create a solution that simplified tasks like managing Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for quality monitoring for users.

We conducted Empathy Sessions with the end user personas and learnt about their latent needs, and co-created a product vision, product roadmap and specific customer journeys. We also prototyped sample screens that enabled us to test our assumptions learn about the users and improve on the ideas.


The mobile solution was developed based on Xamarin cross-platform technology. Xamarin is a robust tool that enables development of beautiful cross-platform native applications. The application of Design Thinking principles ensured that the final UI/UX design offered a seamless experience. The app is also available in multiple languages like - English, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

Key Features

Secure Login – Authentication, Authorization, Security

The App offers secure and easy login through Touch ID

robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies

Easy upload & submission of Event

Through the app, users can report all incidents in one central location. While submitting, they can select from a range of Event types such as Injuries, Near misses, Observations and more.

These could include workplace injuries, environmental spills, quality deficiencies, security breaches, supply chain issues and more.

EOffline data syncing

The app requires initial online connection to authenticate and authorize the user.

Once authorized, it offers offline mode, where information can be captured first in an offline environment, and later uploaded when online.

Other Features

The application provides additional features like uploading incident photos/videos, adding commentary using speech-to-text function, change location, localization, and more.

robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies
Business impact
BSI Entropy Connect has made it simple for users to stay involved, and as a result has created an environment of trust. The app instills a more engaged culture of sharing incidents and findings, that further enables leaders in framing business decisions.

BSI Entropy Connect

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