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In today's digital world, the role of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) is critical for enterprises. The aim of Fortinet, a global leader in network security, was to create a one-stop information hub for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) so that they are empowered with information related to their job. The objective was to create a thought leadership platform with relevant news and information curated from hundreds of online publishers. The solution had to integrate with Curata, a content creation and content marketing platform. The project covered product strategy across web & native apps, UX/UI design, implementation of a Content Management System, cross-platform mobile apps and a responsive web solution.


The broad strategy was developed with an aim for the team at Fortinet to seamlessly curate, create, and publish content. The platform was meant to generate brand awareness engagement and leads. In terms of execution, we suggested a Scrum-based Agile process for the project. This allowed for quicker releases with agreed feature sets. A Sprint plan was developed and communicated to all the stakeholders. The team then worked on design, development and testing. Daily standup meetings were held and the summary of the meeting was communicated to all the stakeholders.

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Our Technical Architect led the effort to create a cross-platform architecture. The app development included UI development, mobile backend development and integration with server via REST APIs. The mobile apps were developed using React Native/JS technology with MVC architecture. News and Resource details were rendered on a web view in the mobile app. The responsive website was developed using React JS. The re-designed website and mobile apps had a contemporary look & feel. The native apps had dynamic scrolling, resized graphics, and other features optimized for mobile performance. Provisions were also made for customers to connect with the team at Fortinet easily.
The mobile apps have received great feedback from users, with the reviews overwhelmingly positive in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. The overall solution for the platform dovetails into the brand’s business objectives of brand advocacy and revenue growth.


Eloqua integration

  • A platform commonly used by B2B marketers, Oracle Eloqua helps automate lead generation process.

Curata Integration

  • With Curata's Content Curation Software (CCS) users can gain access to a wide selection of published content available online, at their fingertips.
  • Content curation is simplified into three steps - Find, Curate, Share.

CMS and Admin panel

  • Accessible only by authenticated users, this is the place where one can manage all WordPress CMS.
  • Content on the dashboard is structured into handy widgets which help move the content around easily & to display only the content that one needs.


  • Oracle Eloqua offers an out-of-box Subscription Management Page which contacts can use to manage email group membership or opt-out from emails.
  • One can decide which email groups appear on the page and manage their email subscriptions.

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Director of Content Marketing, Fortinet

Their mobile app experience is their core strength.
Robosoft Technologies' work allows seamless integration of content and pleases executives. Their team provides exceptional customer service, working on weekends to resolve urgent issues. Their extensive experience in the mobile space is critical to the success of the project.

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