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Digital platform augments Trial Operational Efficiencies, creating better partnerships with Sites & Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

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Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company


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We conducted Design Thinking workshops with multiple key stakeholders and various end users. Their insights and a clear definition of their needs proved most beneficial for requirements and establishing the way forward. During the course of the project, we followed Agile development with weekly reviews and end user inputs for further improvements, ensuring their buy-in to a new approach and minimizing training.


  • The client wanted to solve the bottleneck of legal and contracts for clinical trials. At the same time, they also wanted to have bottom-line impact, and make the Sponsor a better partner to its CROs.
  • We developed a custom software solution that would capture a business process and translate it to digital; creating operational efficiencies for an industry-wide challenge - global site level decision making for budgets, contracts, and ICFs.
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies


The solution we created was a user-friendly digital web platform and repository that allows CROs to raise requests (Budget/Contract/ICF) and reroute them to Legal or Contract Managers based on an assignment mechanism and business rules. On the platform, the managers can then perform appropriate action on the request.

The platform enables archiving of every request and also send a notification mail whenever an action is performed.

Key Features

robosoft technologies

CRO Dashboard

  • Facilitated by predefined templates, end users raise a Budget, Contract, or ICF request, to Sponsor’s Legal and Finance Managers. They can add rich text and upload a variety of documents in the request forms as add-ons.
  • Each request is auto-assigned to an appropriate manager based on the region, type of request, nature of the protocol, and historical insights. Round robin functionality also takes into account the workload and availability of a manager in assignments.
  • Provides CROs with real-time status of their request.
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies

Sponsor Dashboard

  • A macro view of all the requests assigned to any Manager.
  • Requests can easily be handled via a simple click of a button. If outside of approval authority, a manager can even escalate a request to stakeholders at senior levels.
  • Ability to include attachments and text to their responses to the CRO on a request.
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies

Powerful search functionality means end users can access archived-repository of previously completed requests based on their access rights.

robosoft technologies

Provides insights for informed decision making, by backtracking an issue to a historical date and data.

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Management Dashboard

  • User Management to add or remove various end-users and control access privileges. This feature can also set users on ‘Holiday’ mode, which temporarily bars new requests from being assigned to them.
  • Robust analytics for informed decision making with a comprehensive overview of all team and CRO activities
  • Reporting and exports with trends for on-site data and performance matrix measurements.
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies

Informed decision making, minimized critical turn-around times and drastically improved 3rd party partnerships, achieving desired KPIs and operational objectives. This project is proof, that Legal and Finance teams in any sector can benefit from digital transformation and agile development.

Craft a digital solution for your brand which drives business and augments efficiencies.