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Dubber, Australia


Banking & FinTech


To help Dubber achieve its objectives, Robosoft identified the following needs:

  • A cross-platform app support to reach a wider audience
  • A seamless user experience for easy navigation and use of the app’s recording and management tools.
  • The ability to upgrade the app as its features expanded. Also, the project required sophisticated project management processes to be implemented in order to overcome geographical barriers.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Dubber provides cloud-based call recording and audio asset management services to its clients. The company engaged Robosoft to bring its proprietary technology, the Playback engine, to iOS and Android platforms in order to reach a larger audience. In addition to needing an easy-to-use tool, Dubber wanted an app that would encourage adoption of its other solutions. The project also required Robosoft to deliver the app in tandem with enhancements being done to the existing Dubber platform for a complete, unified solution.

robosoft technologies


As the project involved simultaneous enhancement of the Dubber platform and the development of mobile apps for two different platforms, we adopted the Agile Scrum methodology to easily adapt to changing requirements. We used the latest engineering tools and technologies, and performed quality assurance, unit testing, UI automation and functional testing. Daily stand-ups via Google Hangouts and Slack ensured seamless communication and monitoring of the project, breaking down all geographical barriers.
robosoft technologies

Key Features

robosoft technologies

Record & replay

  • Flexibility to rewind, replay conversations immediately after the call.
  • Recorded conversations can be replayed anywhere, anytime.
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies

Customisation for re-branding

The app helped Dubber service other partners through a customisable interface
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robosoft technologies

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