We had two major challenges

  • Creation of a digital eDiary (questionnaire) & a game that were to be triggered by in-game mechanics, and getting the necessary regulatory approvals.
  • Seamless integration of Game and the eDiary, so that they both feel like a part of the one engagement application.
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Our work

Given an existing game component to the digital stack, our team set about understanding the platform architecture to ensure the security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and the trial plan that would help create the trial data protocol that we were responsible to develop. The application was built in two modules - Mobile game & CMS.


The game and app were built considering the engagement spectrum of children. The game had a ’loot’ system which when clicked grants goodies for answering questions in the eDiary. The entire designing phase went through a mandatory review from C-PATH for regulatory approval.

To ensure that data collaboration and collection were pristine, we created a SDTM compliant Data Protocol, which defined how data is to be collected, managed, transferred and monitored during the trial.


The CMS web platform allowed site managers to initiate a patient in game once enrolled in the trial. These IDs were generated via randomization algorithm and were abstracted from the CRO.

The CMS kept track of various trial metrics necessary for trial managers to handle the patient cohort.

robosoft technologies

The result

Apart from a significant overall trial cost reduction, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) allowed responses to be received directly from the patients via an interactive game without the intervention of Clinical Research associates, thereby minimizing loss of data in translation from the patients. Data was securely captured and transferred to CRO with the help of guidelines and rules set up in the Data protocol, with relevant DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ documentations in place for the product. It also eliminated the need for patients to physically visit the sites.

Our Digital Solution simplified the lives of Healthcare Stakeholders, Trial managers & Patients.

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