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ESPN, one of the leading global sports channel wanted to create an engaging and personalized cricket experience for their users. They wanted to create an app that would show cricket lovers with real-time scores, high quality videos, news, etc and also personalize the users’ feed with customized alerts about their favourite team.


The primary objective was to make an app that is user centric. We did in-depth research on user behaviour and requirement from the app.


We worked towards developing a native mobile app for iOS, and Android for both smartphones and tablets. The app developed has easy to use interface for users. It also prioritise updates about users favourite teams and creates an engaging experience for them. We also made sure that the app works without any glitches by continuously running quality tests on it.
Real-time update on scores
Get the latest scores from matches across the world and follow the game live with the scorecard and commentary pages.
News and analysis

Get tips and analysis from experts about everything on cricket.

Personalised experience
Fans can follow their favourite teams by a simple one touch personalization.

Get tips and analysis from experts about everything on cricket.

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