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It is said that India is many countries in one. With 17 major languages spoken widely, it offers a unique challenge in content creation. No other country in the world needs to contend with such diversity. Almost all regions of the vast country have a dominant language. Hence news and content brands have to overcome this challenge in innovative ways.

ETV, one of India’s largest regional television channel wanted to go nation-wide, and foray into the digital world with content that could be accessed online - via mobile app or web portal. They wanted to launch a digital channel, in addition to TV & radio for their news business. ETV generates it’s own content and hence required a robust and scalable platform offering in-depth coverage of news from India and around the world, in 13 languages.

Key considerations

The team started off by identifying the key challenges:

  • How to categorize and display news generated from 29 states, 700+ cities, in 13 languages?
  • How to create unique and innovative designs for each category of news?
  • How to integrate widgets for multiple categories, e.g.: Cricket, Elections, Horoscope, and more?
  • How would the subscription and revenue model work for the mobile app?


Generating content from 700+ cities across the country, in 13 languages is no mean feat. And to enable this, ETV Bharat curated news and other content reported by a network of over 5000 mobile journalists – trained and empowered with state-of-the-art mobile news reporting equipment.

The Robosoft team ensured that content delivered across 12 major Indian languages, apart from English. The user has the option to choose a region-specific language, Hindi or English. This helped in developing familiarity and affinity towards ETV Bharat and helping it become the news destination of choice.

ETV Bharat app adopts Adaptive Bit Rate technology to adjust video quality to suit the low internet bandwidths persisting in remote rural locations of the country, thereby enabling the consumption of its content in the remotest parts of the country.

Key Features
  • 5-minutes live bulletins are exclusively shot for 29 different state portals.
  • On launching the app, the user can set a preferred language to view the news bulletin.
Localization in 13 languages
  • Users can read and watch news in Assamese, Bengali, English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjab, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.
My Choice
  • Users can label categories and cities as favorites.
  • News and other content are exclusively curated based on users’ preference and viewing history.
Other features
  • In the mobile version of the app, content was re-structured to accommodate exclusive sections like "Breaking News", advertisements etc.
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