The Halo App

A peer-to-peer lending platform for small-dollar loans

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Micro Finance


Over the past decade, marketplace lending has become a major trend in the FinTech revolution. The global digital lending platform market is estimated to reach $1 Trillion by 2025.

The advent of marketplace lending has not only allowed for a hassle-free loan process without the need for a traditional bank but has also made remote transactions a reality. This seamless lending process is a major driver of the global marketplace lending scenario.

The Halo App is a peep-to-peer microfinance app that allows Backers (who want to lend money) and Borrowers to easily transact on the mobile application. The main intent of the app is to eliminate the financial stress faced by users, and replacing it with positive and memorable experiences.

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Our team of experts carried out an in-depth competitor analysis to identify key elements such as user pain points and needs, value proposition, and the key differentiator. We also conducted a Discovery & Design Thinking Workshop in Indianapolis to understand Vision and Product Intent of The Halo App, define an ideal user journey, and arrive at a list of features for the app using the Prioritization Framework.

The entire exercise helped in charting out the product roadmap and in developing screen designs for the app.


The first step was to arrive at a value proposition for the product driven through key metrics, formulating the strategy and defining the Product Roadmap along with scoping infrastructure & server requirements. Our team of Digital Advisors and Design Strategists formulated the strategy and the product roadmap with product suggestions, and offered priority based feature sets for the app.

As testing is an integral part of the product development interface, we created an end-to-end test cases document with inferences about all the essential elements that highlight the gaps and challenges to be mapped with the best design elements including, the user journey, visual designs, and user experience.

Key Features

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robosoft technologies

Scoring with Credit Hydra Integration

The Halo Score is a rating system that helps determine the risk associated with each borrower outside of common credit factors. The score takes traditional financial factors, real-time data, social data, trust screening, etc. into consideration while determining the risk levels.
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robosoft technologies

Instant Bank verification

  • The app uses Plaid (a unified banking API) to instantly set up and verify any bank or credit union in the U.S.
  • Once the user links a bank account, Plaid retrieves the account instantly, and payments can be set up within seconds.
  • For smaller banks and credit unions, Plaid offers a micro-deposit experience with same-day ACH (Automated Clearing House)— which means micro-deposits post sooner and can be verified by Plaid on behalf of the users.
  • The app supports over 1,700+ financial institutions including credit unions
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robosoft technologies

Security & encryption

  • The app uses bank-level security and data encryption to protect the user and account details. To ensure 100% reliability, The Halo App does not see or track the users’ bank login information.
  • For fraud detection, the app uses Sift’s cutting-edge machine learning technology to block fake accounts and stop account takeover.

Customer Appreciation

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Taylor Simpson

Founder & CEO

I could not ask for a better company to work with

It has been an exhilarating experience watching The Halo App vision come to life. Thank you Robosoft Technologies for taking on the challenge!!
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