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The brief

CreditShop LLC, a finance company focused on developing, marketing and servicing consumer-friendly credit products in the US, wanted to create a simple, easy-to-use mobile application to manage their credit card - Mercury Mastercard. The app was meant for iOS and Android phones.

Our work

We used advanced integrated development environment for Android and MacOS - Android studio and X code respectively. The Platform was based on languages like Java and Swift. TestNG framework was used for Automated Regression Testing, which helped in speeding-up the testing efforts. Automation scripts were covered for happy flows, which were invoked in Browser stack for different devices.

The overall project was executed through the Agile Sprint Methodology which helped us take an iterative and incremental approach and hence ensured on-time delivery.

Key features

Registration & creating profile
  • Upon launch users can register for online access & activation.
  • The mobile app enables users to check their balance, pay bills, view statements and redeem rewards.
  • The app works with FaceID® and fingerprint scans from eligible devices.

Home Screen

Once the profile is set up, users can view Current balance, available credit, minimum payment due, FICO score and more.

The iOS version of the app was released in June 2019. The Android version is expected to be released soon.

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