A Leading Insurance
Company's Journey of
Digital Transformation
for Sales Enhancement

robosoft technologies
Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company
robosoft technologies
robosoft technologies
Case Summary
As a major leader within India's private-sector life insurance landscape, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company (RNLIC) recognized the imperative of simplifying their sales team's interactions with customers.

We partnered with this major insurer on their transformation journey, modernizing RNLIC's customer engagement with a focus on innovation. The project scope included User Experience Design, Visual Design, Backend Database Development, and Android Mobile App Development.
Robosoft TechnologiesRobosoft TechnologiesRobosoft TechnologiesRobosoft Technologies
The customer, a leading player in India's private-sector life insurance sector, specializes in a wide array of life insurance products catering to the distinct needs of individuals and groups including protection, children's policies, retirement plans, and investments.

In response to the evolving insurance landscape, this established insurer recognized the need to simplify their customer interactions. This entailed challenges such as modernizing the user experience, adopting a fresh visual design approach, and developing a robust mobile app.Additionally, streamlining internal workflows and ensuring data accuracy were key objectives.

These challenges set the stage for a collaborative digital transformation journey with the adept team at Robosoft.
The Solution
Through the integration of a user-friendly Android mobile app, a streamlined lead management system, and a robust server architecture, we introduced innovative solutions aimed at enhancing sales team efficiency.
Robosoft Technologies
Mobile App Development
An Android app, developed with React Native, facilitated easy sharing of Prospect Warming Tools (PWT) via WhatsApp, including resources like references, brochures, product insights, statistics, guidelines, and regulatory information.

This app enhanced communication between sales representatives and customers, allowing swift file sharing, document upload, calculators, contact book lead addition, and easy policy access, all aimed at optimizing customer engagement and sales interactions.
Robosoft Technologies
Lead Management System (LMS)
A customized lead management system was developed to streamline processes, seamlessly integrating with RNLIC's existing backend through APIs.

This ensured efficient lead tracking, appointment scheduling, reminders, and follow-up calls, while also preventing duplicate entries, thereby enhancing data accuracy.
Robosoft Technologies
Backend Development
A robust server architecture was created using the MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js) stack. Redis was used for efficient data caching to ensure rapid data retrieval.

The server managed secure data migration, synchronization, and storage, with encrypted communication and token-based authentication. It also facilitated role management, user CRUD operations, and generated detailed reports on agent performance.
Key Features
We implemented the following features to improve the application’s functionality
Customer Visit Authentication
The application verifies whether the customer visited alone or with a supervisor, ensuring accurate record-keeping.
Calculators and QR Scanning
The application provides seven calculators, including a Human Life Calculator. Recently, a payment method through QR scanning has been introduced to streamline transactions.
Benefit Illustrator (BI)
The application collects customer data the salesperson enters and sends it to a third-party platform to generate the BI report. This report outlines payment amounts, benefits, and other relevant information regarding the insurance plan. Sales users can also send the BI report to customers, explaining plan details and the payment structure.
Technologies used
Robosoft’s Efforts Showed Quick Results
We significantly transformed the client's operations, resulting in:
Robosoft Technologies
Seamless Sales User Experience
  • User-friendly mobile app for sales, from lead generation.
  • Offline mode for low-connectivity areas.
  • Enhances the overall insurance process and customer engagement.
Robosoft TechnologiesRobosoft TechnologiesRobosoft Technologies
Robosoft Technologies
Robosoft Technologies
Integrated Functionality and Streamlined Operations
  • Integration with popular platforms like WhatsApp.
  • Support for GPS, cameras, and biometric devices.
  • Optimized lead tracking, appointment booking, and sales processes.
  • Automation reduces manual effort, enhancing operational efficiency.
Robosoft TechnologiesRobosoft TechnologiesRobosoft Technologies
Robosoft Technologies
Robosoft Technologies
Robust Security Measures
  • Secure login, encrypted data storage, and HTTPS communication.
  • Certificate pinning for enhanced app security.
  • Token-based authentication and session management ensure data protection and privacy.
Robosoft TechnologiesRobosoft TechnologiesRobosoft Technologies
Robosoft Technologies
Robosoft Technologies
Increased Reach and Market Penetration
  • Mobile app accessibility on Android devices.
  • Expanded reach, particularly in tier 2 cities with limited internet access.
  • Boosts market penetration and accessibility.
Robosoft TechnologiesRobosoft TechnologiesRobosoft Technologies

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