Room to Read is a nonprofit organization, focused on transforming lives of children from low-income communities through literacy and gender equality in education.

Our work with Room to Read involved creating an online platform that provides teachers and education partners in Indonesia with a vast repository of resources to foster a habit of reading among children. The platform was built using StoryWeaver, which facilitates reading, creating and translating multilingual stories. The intent was to provide access to high-quality digital storybooks, videos to guide teachers in conducting effective reading activities with children, and support local writers and illustrators to develop more culturally relevant and age-appropriate children’s books.


We conducted an in-depth requirement analysis to come up with an end-to-end solution and implementation plan. We collaborated with the client to understand the source code. The application was hosted using docker containers that enabled smooth deployment and scaling the performance easily.

We used Jira and Asana tools to improve work management. Hosting the application in a staging environment allowed team collaboration and timely feedback, which in turn helped avoid post-release issues.


As a first step, our design team gathered and evaluated user requirements in collaboration with product owners, all stakeholders and users. We developed sitemaps and illustrated ideas to arrive at seamless responsive web visual designs for the platform. The required solution was delivered through the Disqus tool. This new platform was harmoniously integrated with the previous website and had a feature-rich comment system, offering a delightful and easily navigable experience for their users.

Room to Read can be accessed across various devices and on Android & iOS systems. Apart from social media integration for the website, the platform also had additional features such as advanced administration and moderation operations.

Our team created event taxonomy and implemented it using Google Analytics to track who is visiting the application, what are the most popular pages or book titles, and monitor their app usage patterns to gain better insights on user behavior.

Key Features

For End Users

Book Reader

Books can be easily accessed on the platform and come with features like read-along, turn pages and highlight text as the user reads.

Create and Manage a Reading List

This includes features like create, delete and manage the reading list. With this, user can create a list, where he can include the books related to the same theme or even mark them as favorites. With this feature, recommended books, videos and reading lists are shown to the user in home page.

Create and Manage an Offline Library

Users can add books to the offline library, so that they can be accessed when there is little/no network connection. Books are saved in the browser cache.

For Content Managers

Dashboard and Image Uploads

Content manager dashboard has administrative features like set role, edit story, add new language, and add categories for books, videos, illustrations & resources.

Image/Illustration Uploads

Content managers can upload images and engaging illustrations that match the story or narration using the custom image upload feature.

Create, Translate and Re-level Book

The content manager can create books and translate them to the other languages supported by the application. These books can also be re-leveled, based on the reader’s age.

Add Videos and Resources

Videos and resources can be added from the content manager dashboard. These can be categorized based on roles such as coach, teacher parents etc.

Google Analytics

We integrated the platform with Room to Read’s Google Analytics so that rich insights could be drawn from user behavior on the platform, through Google Tab Manager (GTM). This will aid in ongoing tweaks and improvements to the Room to Read platform.

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