Robosoft set out to take the enormous repository of videos and package them all into an easy-to-use native app, for both iOS and Android. As the project involved working with several specialists and teams, we needed to ensure seamless collaboration to produce a glitch-free, delightful customer experience.

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As Viacom18’s chosen development partner, it was imperative to verify all components—from wireframes and UI designs to the OTT platform and web services APIs.
As the launch date approached, Robosoft, along with Viacom18’s other partners, worked tirelessly to identify, troubleshoot, and fix any bugs to guarantee a smooth, successful launch.


robosoft technologies

Uninterrupted, continuous browsing

Browse what you will watch next without interrupting your viewing experience with the new floating video player.
robosoft technologies

Content customisation

Choose to view shows as per your preferred channel, genre or language.
robosoft technologies

Entertainment at your fingertips

Get your entertainment brand in the spotlight.