10 Cool New Features for iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac

Mar 29, 2017

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robosoft technologies
10 Cool New Features for iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac

Apple just released a major update for iOS, MacOS, watchOS and tvOS that is not only dedicated to enhancing the overall user experience but also promises a number of cool features. Here’s a quick round-up of what you would find upon upgrading your device to iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2:

1. Find My AirPods

Source: MacRumors
With this new update looking for your AirPods shouldn’t be a problem anymore even if they are hiding under a bunch of papers on the reading table. The new update features ‘Find My AirPods’ that help locate your AirPods using iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. You can also initiate playing a sound on your AirPods to locate them faster.

2. Dynamic app icons

Don’t be alarmed if the app icon on your screen suddenly changes. The update gives the developers an ability to change the app icons without having to push an update to the application. The installed app icons would be stored in a cache and that gets updates every time the App Store is opened.

3. Developers’ response on App Store

When you leave a review at the App Store, the developers can now publicly respond to them. For the first time this will give the developers a chance to address the complaints or suggestions themselves without an intermediate in between. Users can also mark the reviews in the App Store as either “Helpful” or “Not Helpful”. Along with that Apple has also introduced StoreKit API, which allows customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews without leaving the app. The new update also prevents developers from throwing random pop-ups for review frequently and has now limited the prompt number to three in a year.

4. Siri gets acquainted with Cricket

Siri gets acquainted with Cricket

Siri can now give you the scores from cricket games like Indian Premier League (IPL) and International Cricket Council (ICC). People in countries like Australia, England and India, where cricket is a popular game would welcome this new feature.

5. Shift to a new file format

Apple is now switching to a new file format called Apple File System (APFS) from HFS+, which has been there since 1998. Moving to the new file format means optimized storage, faster read and write speeds and the ability to encrypt files.

6. SiriKit Update

Apple has also updated the SiriKit giving developers a chance to build apps that allow Siri to pay bills, book rides through Uber or Lyft and check payment statuses.

7. Nightshift introduced in MacOS

MacOS 10.12.4 brings the popular Nightshift feature introduced in iOS 9.3 about a year ago to your Mac. It lets you subtly change your screen’s color from cooler blue tone to warmer yellow tones so you can sleep better.

8. Support for 32-bit apps dropped

Since February 2015, Apple has been warning about its plan to drop support for 32-bit apps. With iOS 10.3 Apple has finally dropped support for apps that are designed in 32-bit. To make the app run on the new iOS, developers need to update the app to improve its compatibility.

9. Theater mode for watchOS

WatchOS 3.2 which was released along with iOS 10.3 brings a new Theatre mode, which turns on silent mode and prevents the screen from lighting up every time your hands move around.

10. SiriKit for Apple Watch

The new update also brings SiriKit to the Apple Watch that was available only on iOS devices until now. This means now you can give voice commands to third-party apps to make payment, book a ride, log workouts, make calls or send messages.

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robosoft technologies
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