10 Tips To Build A Globally Successful Mobile Game

Anila Andrade of 99Games was a speaker at the recently concluded MobileSparks 2014 event organised by YourStory.

She made a presentation on ’10 Tips To Build A Globally Successful Mobile Game’ at the event leveraging on the successful launch of Star Chef, a lovingly crafted cooking and restaurant management game on iOS.

Here are the broad points:

  • Focus Your Soft Launch on Engagement and Retentionx
  • Track your Tutorial Funnel
  • Introduce something New at the Right Time
  • Tailor your Messaging
  • Get your users to invest in your app early
  • Make it easy to use your app with Friends
  • Keep Content Updates coming
  • Get Creative with the Holidays and Current Events
  • Evaluate Revenue Metrics
  • Have awesome Customer Service

You can view the presentation here:

10 Tips To Build A Globally Successful Mobile Game from Robosoft Technologies

Anila Andrade Anila Andrade is AVP - Operations at 99Games. Anila oversees operations at 99Games including Strategic Partnerships, Sales and Marketing, Branding, Investment and Acqui-hires.

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