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Rakesh Tiwari
Rakesh Tiwari is VP - Business Development driving the sales of the Enterprise Mobility domain.
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The 4×5-inch screen: a wake-up call for banks

In a recent article, it was cogently argued that banks should re-think their strategy around the branch-on-the-phone. The article was meant to be a wake-up call for banks and outlined how several digital disruptions have already changed the way banking is done in India.

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5 ways to overcome challenges in Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility has proved to be an opportunity for organisational transformation. ‘Anytime-anywhere’ access to critical business information and realisation of benefits like better customer service, employee satisfaction, new business opportunities and reduced operating cost are crucial drivers to implementing enterprise mobility across industry verticals. All these factors have turned mobility into a key component of enterprise IT infrastructure, driving mobile investments and propelling growth of the global enterprise mobility market.

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