Designing meaningful mobile experiences: Robosoft workshop

Crafting the right mobile experience is often the difference between success and failure in businesses nowadays. Robosoft Technologies and NASSCOM came together recently to conduct a workshop in Pune, on ‘Designing Meaningful Mobile Experiences’ meant precisely to help businesses in this domain. The design and strategy team from Robosoft took sessions on product design philosophies, user experience principles, and engineering techniques that go behind making an app.

Dean Gonsalves, National Creative Director, Robosoft began the day’s proceedings by emphasising the need to define the intent of the app clearly to kick-start any project. The Robosoft team then shared concepts and tips to create a Minimal Lovable Product, getting the right thought process behind making effective information architecture, wireframes and UI. The participants, mostly Product Managers, Designers and Engineering Professionals also got some tips on engineering best practices for mobile apps. The Robosoft team which made presentations included mobile strategists, a design specialist, an Experience Designer and a software architect. ‘It is our way of sharing our experiences & best practices for the benefit of the larger design community’, said Dean Gonsalves.

Srinidhi Rao, VP-Consumer Mobility added, ‘our credo of Emotion, Engineering & Design brings together strategy, design and engineering resulting in a mobile experience which makes an impact with the end user. Initiatives such as this will benefit product development resulting in better user experience in the long run’. Robosoft plans to conduct similar workshops on mobile design for product companies in other cities this year too, he added.



Our thanks to Dean Gonsalves and team who put together the enlightening and useful presentations. Here’s looking forward to more such in the coming months.

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