iOS 9.3 and the focus on education

Since launch, the iPad has seen several marketing thrusts to position it as a device that can ‘do a lot’ – primarily to counter the talk of it being merely for consumption of content. In May last year, Apple released the ‘Everything changes with iPad’ ad – ‘take on a new project, pick up a new skill, or start a new hobby’.

A key segment where the productivity aspect can be showcased is education. Apple has had a strong presence in US schools, though that is being challenged of late by the Chromebook. With iOS 9.3 announced earlier this month, Apple has tweaked the OS significantly to make it more school-friendly. A host of interesting features caught my eye: shared iPad for students, a new Classroom app, Apple School Manager, managed Apple IDs, students pick up where they left off,  four-digit PIN on the Lock screen for younger students and more.

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Of the lot, I found the multi-user support the most interesting.  Apple has not allowed multiple profiles on a single iPad as yet. So this feature – albeit in schools could be rolled out to others in the future. While on the subject of education and apps, it is important to remember that this is a tough segment to cater to. Children can be the harshest of critics and getting the strategy and user experience right is doubly important when addressing this audience;   Interesting developments ahead in the education section after the launch of iOS 9.3 – it will be a learning for the entire mobile app development ecosystem.

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Srinidhi Rao Srinidhi has seen the evolution of the tech & mobile industry over the last decade and half. He has vast experience in project management and leads our operations in the US.

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