‘Personal brand is everything today’: Japjot Sethi of @Gloopt

At Robosoft, we are keen observers of developments in the converging world of digital, tech, people and brands. We hope to have ongoing conversations with thought leaders in the business & digital world about apps, technology and related developments. Here’s a brief chat with Japjot Sethi, Co-Founder & CEO Gloopt.com.

Gloopt helps people ‘record & share branded micro videos in minutes’.

Personal branding as a concept has really taken off in the recent years, thanks to social media. What are the benefits of personal branding as you see it?

Personal brand is everything today. Whether it is a professional individual, a business or a large enterprise, brand sells before the product. Everyone has Ideas, Expertise, Opinions and stories to tell. Everyone wants to share those ideas, opinions, expertise with the world so they can build their personal brand and be known as an expert or a thought leader or an influencer. Building a personal brand is a very time consuming process and many people give up. But those who continue to build their brand stand out and are on the top of the leaderboard, and hold that spot for a long time. Once they are on the top, it is their brand that sells and helps them attain those new businesses and bring all the success. Personal brand is a key driver to your success in businesses and personal life.

Video content is already huge. With the rise of smartphones and better quality cellular networks and access to WiFi, video is likely to gain importance. What are your views on this? What other factors will drive usage & adoption?

I am a big fan and believer of engagement and User Experience. With the rise in smartphone adoption, attention span of people is going lower and lower. People want easy and quick access to information. Text gets boring after reading first 5 lines and that is why video is going to start to dominate the content market. Short relevant videos that are user generated are already on the top of the list for any large organizations and brands as part of their Go-To-Market Strategy. The next wave of communication and marketing is going to shift to being heavily video focused, which will also help them gain more traction and also help drive more sales for their business.

What can enable people to become video content creators rather then merely consuming them?

Today people are hesitant to share their thoughts, opinions or use video as a prime communications source, because they are not used to doing that. But apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, which allow people to connect real time with other people, it will help improve that experience. People don’t feel they have the right tools to use video as a communication source but that will be changing very quickly. Think of WhatsApp full of video conversations and think of Facebook full of video posts. It is already happening and will keep growing faster and faster.

At Gloopt what is your mission? What were the obstacles you faced while bringing Gloopt to market?

At Gloopt our vision and mission is to help everyone to share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and stories easily and quickly using the power of smartphone and video. We want every smartphone owner to create content using Gloopt anywhere they are and connect with people across the world.


How would you measure the success of Gloopt two years from now?

One of the key metrics for me to measure success is my team. It is very important that I build and maintain a winning team that is motivated, excited and is working towards the same goals to contribute to the success of the company. We want to own the short video space and in two years we want to spread our presence globally and then grow our users.

Gloopt is available for download from the App Store.

Do share your thoughts on personal branding and the future of micro video content in the comments. We will connect with more business leaders and industry experts in the days to come.

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