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Tech Talk: Increasing product confidence via Continuous Integration pipeline

A best practice in any given successful agile development project is the use of continuous integration (CI). CI ensures automatic execution of various test harnesses when developers commit their work (source code) to version control systems.

However, in order to ensure high quality product and to incorporate more complex and realistic scenarios, Build and Deploy pipeline was envisaged (Refer Figure 1).

continuous-integration-pipeline 2

The CI pipeline consists of Build Phase and Deploy Phase. It encompasses the entire life cycle of the product from configuring infrastructure- web servers, databases, application servers, messaging brokers, cloud instances, mobile devices; deploying package binaries into different staged infrastructures; and other aspects in addition to the product itself. We have some noted benefits gained from incorporating CI pipeline.

Sai Prasad M
Sai Prasad is a Solutions Architect with diverse skills and interests in Software Engineering.

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