The story of Anila Andrade: beating men at their own game

Anila Andrade, Producer at our subsidiary 99Games was profiled at HerStory – a site dedicated to showcasing women entrepreneurs and leaders. Anila started her career at Robosoft as a quality control engineer and within two years, graduated to Requirements Analyst, responsible for architecting products.

She then moved to 99Games where the first game she worked on was WordsWorth, a word game that she conceptualized and designed for iPhone. WordsWorth went on to being #2 in the Word Game Category and #33 overall in the US store.

In her eleventh year at 99Games, Anila says that the ‘role of a producer requires you to don different hats simultaneously’…not only do you need to be a designer, you also need to understand game balance and monetisation, be a good coordinator and get things done. You also need to have a good grip on marketing, study game metrics and be a team motivator’.

In a domain that is considered to be male centric, Anila proves to be a welcome exception. Her message to women: ‘for all the aspiring women who want to venture into the world of gaming, it is a challenging, ambitious and fast moving sector. This means that there are so many opportunities to seize. Just believe in yourself, explore your creative talent and take the leap.”

Read the complete article here.

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