[Webinar] How to build and grow an audience for mobile apps

Last Thursday, we conducted a webinar on how to build and grow an audience for mobile apps. The webinar was conducted in association with Pyze Inc., with Nikunj Sanghvi and Prabhjot Singh being the hosts. In case you missed the webinar, here some salient points discussed.

First, some hard truths:

  • 77% of users never use an app again 72 hours after installing.
  • 34% of app usage lasts less than one minute
  • 92% of the 4+ million apps fail

It was emphasised that the chances of success will increase only if the app engagement increases and we give enough reasons for the user to keep using the app again and again. And the only way to improve app engagement is to make every user interaction memorable and delightful.

Further, the following tips were shared on building apps for growth:

1. Use device sensors & features: smartphones and mobile operating systems come with incredible features nowadays. Apps should attempt to make use of device sensors, integration with in-built hardware features, OS gestures to improve interactivity and engagement. The WWF Together app was showcased as a reference.

2. Appeal to user instincts & emotions: understanding the consumer and using insights about their behavior towards the category is a key element for success. This was demonstrated through the use of a ‘bargain’ (a trait common among Indians while shopping) feature in an e-commerce app

3. Architect with scalability and flexibility in mind: an app which scaled from a simple recharge and bill pay app into a full-fledged e-Commerce space one was showcased – the scalable architecture helped them build customizable UIs to showcase products in different verticals

4. Think beyond the app: in many cases, it helps to think of your offering as a service, and not just an “app”

5. Adopt new features and update often: frequent updates help apps to remain on top of users’ minds and drive increased engagement and growth.

6. Go native when applicable: a native app has access to features and hardware that a cross-platform app often does not

The second half of the webinar focused on organic growth. It was highlighted that while some top app publishers generate over
$1M of revenue a day, most app publishers make less than $500 a month. The key, it was pointed out is that app publishers who use data intelligence are growing while a majority struggle. Top apps from Facebook, LinkedIn, King, Niantic, Supercell & others use sophisticated intelligence to Engage, Retain & Grow users.

The 5 pillars of growth intelligence are:

  • Deep Understanding of user behavior
  • Behavioral User Clustering & Macro analysis
  • Right-time per-individual Interactions
  • Automate engagement, retention & growth
  • Personalized content, experience & interactions

Want to know more? We have a recording of the webinar which you can watch at leisure. Just head over here to signup and we will send you the link.

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