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What marketers need to know about gamification

Several brands have adopted new media platforms and tools and it is heartening to see gamification as part of the new marketing mix. However, there is a lot of misconception about this practice. Many brands fail to implement a successful gaming strategy to drive customer engagement and create brand awareness.

Here is a handy list of Ten Commandments of gamification:

1. Thou shalt not confuse Gamification with Gaming

Gamification is a process of adding games or game-like elements to encourage participation whereas game is a competitive activity played according to set rules for amusement.

2. Thou shalt not force Gamification down thy user’s throats

It’s not a good approach to enforce gamification in your product just because it’s cool to have it.

3. Thou shalt not assume that just implementing badges and rewards is Gamification
Gamification is not about rewarding random users. It is a scientific approach that should be an integral part of your “customer delight plan”.

4. Thou shalt not implement Gamification as an after-thought
Gamification should be a part of your overall strategy at the planning stage itself.

5. Thou shalt focus on thy user and not just thy product to implement Gamification
It’s important to remember who your audience is while planning your gamification strategy.

6. Thou shalt not treat Gamification as a destination but rather as a journey
Gamification will only help you increase your chances of user retention and engagement.

7. Thou shalt not take the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach
The same gamification strategy might not work for all brands. Sometimes you may need to design a new strategy that caters to your needs.

8. Thou shalt be honest to thy users
Reward your users often for their loyalty to practice the 3Rs of gamification: Reward, Retain, Re-engage.

9. Thou shalt go beyond digital, if needed, to implement the perfect Gamification strategy for thy product
Brands were able to retain customers even during the non-digital era. If needed you can look at other opportunities like mobile games or apps to build a solid gamification foundation for your product.

10. Thou shalt choose the right development partner to execute thy Gamification strategy
For a careful execution of your gamification strategy, you need to think carefully as the right partner can be like a moat between you and your competition.

A full version of the article appeared first in AdAge: “Ten Commandments for Gamification in Marketing

Ninad Chhaya
Ninad Chhaya is VP - Delivery (Games and Entertainment). He has extensive experience in the gaming industry in India and is an avid Star Wars fan.

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