Why is AngularJS the right choice for your next Mobile App?

There are a dime a dozen technologies and mobile app development languages available today. Despite that, app developers constantly face the challenge of broken and interrupted links. It is important to select a technology that meets your requirements and can be used with ease by both the developers and users. With the advent of AngularJS in 2012, sitting in front of computers trying to find the right solution has become a thing of the past.

With mobile app development in AngularJS, mobile app developers are breathing a resting breeze as this programming language has freed them from looking for codes needed to achieve their targets. While AngularJS is a Javascript framework, the most recent, Angular is built on Typescript – a typed superset of Javascript. It is the predecessor of Angular. Before jumping to the benefits of using AngularJS for developing mobile apps, let us understand what this language is and how it has changed the app development landscape since its inception.

What is AngularJS?

To simply put, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed and introduced by Google.

AngularJS is a framework that makes designing of dynamic web pages efficient and is initially launched to simplify the creation of dynamic and web app. Since then, it has come a long way and is widely used today for restructuring JavaScript code. AngularJS is also used to gather data and also helps developers to maintain the code integrity of the application.

AngularJS works on building blocks, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Directives for extending HTML attributes
  • Rules to gather data into HTML
  • Handling of Error and event
  • Unit testing
  • Binding and Routing
  • Rendering of HTML and Controllers

AngularJS also helps in modifying J-query DOM libraries. Whether it is allowing the developers to maximize HTML’s functionality by adding constructs or abstracting DOM updates, AngularJS makes it streamlined.

10 Reasons you should use AngularJS to develop your next mobile app

  • Creates a dynamic web application with AngularJS’s Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. The MVC segregates logic, process, and user interface into different modules, making the developing of website easy and simple while enhancing code quality.
  • Improves the architecture of the app and boosts flexibility and functionality. It helps build robust workflows and accomplish results with only a few manipulations on JavaScript and HTML. With several templates, modules and other user interface effects, developers can customize the app and enhance the user experience significantly.
  • Since AngularJS depends upon HTML to define the user interface (UI) of an application, it saves developers the time of defining the program flows in deciding what to upload first. Moreover, HTML is a far more straightforward language than JavaScript and is more declarative and intuitive.
  • Mobile App Development with AngularJS is synonymous to simplicity and ease of use. With a simple coding script, developers can add AngularJS to an HTML page. Libraries can be added later to make modifications even at a later stage. The code is easy to maintain, and the enhanced and declarative UI helps to build an engaging app experience.
  • AngularJS is a powerful solution that is extremely useful for developer hard-pressed for time. It facilitates parallel development with its modular capabilities and lowers the apps’ time-to-market.
  • Its modular structure allows developers to organize codes into buckets based on its components, directives, and services. This is extremely critical in saving time since anyone familiar with AngularJS can refer to these buckets and reuse them. These modules also enable developers to ‘lazy load’, which allows the application feature to be loaded on demand or in the background.
  • Mobile App Development with AngularJS makes it an achievable goal to divide the tasks across different team members while ensuring organized code. Once you have a precise understanding of this, you can ensure that you make the best of these modules. Developers can improve productivity with appropriate modules built.
  • The code of AngularJS can be reused due to its modular structure. Depending on the developer’s choice, each module is either independent or dependent on each other. They have an option to reuse their earlier built component for a new application or reinvent the wheel. Just by copy-pasting the old codes, developers can save a ton of time and build apps in minutes.
  • AngularJS for app development makes testing extremely simple with its AngularJS modules that are easy to manipulate. It allows the developer to load the required services and perform automatic testing by segregating the modules.
  • Say goodbye to getter and setter functions when developing a mobile app with AngularJS since it relies on POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object). POJO allows object manipulation by offering all the traditional JavaScript functionalities. Developers can add or delete properties from the objects and at the same time loop over these objects whenever necessary.

Now that we know the benefits of AngularJS, let us look at some of the use-cases and how it can be helpful in developing some of the greatest mobile apps. If you are working in a niche and want to gain impressive popularity, then you need to choose the one with its gestures and matches. If you are still to make a decision, then here are some popular AngularJS apps that can help you realize it’s worth using.

Popular Apps that use AngularJS

Review apps:

Many online review apps are built on AngularJS for its great user experience. Such app development with AngularJS provides critical information to readers who are about to take actions on the things they are interested in. These apps allow users to determine the best solution, make an informed decision and save a ton of money.

Apps for finding destinations:

A travel and destination finder app is best built on AngularJS for it includes dynamic features. These travel apps developed with AngularJS, make it easier for developers to create powerful, easy to use, intuitive apps while providing a great user interface.

Apps for finding destinations

Image Source

Weather update apps:

Some of the most weather update apps are built on AngularJS. One of the most common examples is Weather.com. With an interactive display, this programming language allows developers to create an interactive app that allows users to perform real-time activities without compromising quality.

Weather update apps

Image Source

Content portal apps:

Popular apps such as Freelancer.com and Upwork.com are built on AngularJS. These websites are famously known for crowdsourcing content and need to be updated regularly. With such apps developed on AngularJS, developers can handle a large amount of data, crowdsourced posts as well as user information all while providing enhanced user experience.

Content portal apps

Image Source

Interactive social media apps:

Some of the world’s most powerful and popular social media apps are developed with AngularJS. LinkedIn is one such popular app. This app not only handles a large volume of data but also requires an update of data in real-time. All this is made possible with AngularJS and its comprehensible features.

Interactive social media apps

Image Source

Final Thoughts

AngularJS has become popular among developers for its ease of use and simplicity. This is especially useful after the advent of several marketing practices, which has made it difficult to find the real worth of products amid stiff competition. It is imperative to find the right development tool for your business no matter how challenging the task may be. That is where AngularJS is a clear winner presently for its myriad benefits and features.

A word of prudence: it is always advisable to consult the right technology partner before taking the plunge into developing a mobile app.

Ramya Ramesh Amin Ramya is a Software Engineer at Robosoft. Ramya has an in-depth knowledge and extensive work experience in AngularJS practices and commonly used modules. She develops and manages Hybrid Mobile Application for both Android /iOS Platforms.

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